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not meant to be happy
it's days like these i wonder
if i'll ever be happy.
every time something good happens for me
something comes along
to take it away.
so i'm left with my material possessions
my vague talent and blurry future
weak relationships and pointless money
a feeling of trapped emptiness
and the dull pang of the thought in my head
"i'm not meant to be happy."
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Rainbow Quartz by pondkid Rainbow Quartz :iconpondkid:pondkid 5 0 Sequoia by pondkid Sequoia :iconpondkid:pondkid 1 3 Everyone needs to see this by pondkid Everyone needs to see this :iconpondkid:pondkid 2 0 gross dork by pondkid gross dork :iconpondkid:pondkid 1 3 Happy Asexual Visibility Day! by pondkid Happy Asexual Visibility Day! :iconpondkid:pondkid 1 10 Olive by pondkid Olive :iconpondkid:pondkid 0 0
You Looked
Crawling into bed, I know I won't be able to sleep.
Even after I chewed and brushed and bathed and rushed, I won't be able to shut my eyes and get them to stay there.
And oh, my back hurts.
Maybe it's like they told me, you're gonna end up like this if you keep sitting that way. 
With a blatant gesture to themselves, and a flick of the eye muscles on my end, I carry on.
I'm trying to sit up straight, but I can't. There's something pushing on my shoulder.
I turn around, its bottomless-pit eyes staring, GLARING back at me.
"What the fuck could you possibly want with me now?" The words spit from my mouth like fire.
It speaks in a gravel-crunch death rumble, teeth scraping like stones. "What else? Go find out."
Under the pasty ceiling I look, trying to unsee, and it seeps in dully.
"Are you trying to drown me now?" I ask, pushing the fluid out of my lungs.
Bonescrape hisses back, "You looked."
Dragging my waterlogged, shoulder-pressed body up the stairs is a hassle.
My eyes hur
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Transgender Day of Visibility by pondkid Transgender Day of Visibility :iconpondkid:pondkid 4 10 my new tumblr icon by pondkid my new tumblr icon :iconpondkid:pondkid 0 0
Well, kid, have I got news for you
It won't take long to realize anyway
But I just thought you'd be
Better off with it in the back of your mind.
The world is not against you
Don't make it wanna be.
If you think the world's against you
I'm sorry
But you're wrong.
The more edge you put on
The more you paint yourself poison red
The more we know to back away.
Nobody's gonna come help
And no one will ask what's wrong
When you angry-laugh and cut the sky
And bleed it dry
Of the angels that it sent.
It's okay to get edgy
To be a punk, be yourself
And okay to be with whoever you want
And be up front that way.
This isn't meant to drag you down.
But you don't have to
And you shouldn't
Correlate being different
With being angry.
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Savages by pondkid Savages :iconpondkid:pondkid 4 2 apology rose by pondkid apology rose :iconpondkid:pondkid 2 0
Like the face of a child when they find out
they can't go to the theme park after all
'cause it's storming 
Or the sinking letters on the screen forming words
that say nasty things about you from people
you trusted
that's how it felt
when their razor words bit my throat
their syrup smile smacks my forehead
what have I done
with paint-stroke teeth and casual destruction
of something they never knew was there to destroy
and probably
never will.
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Clear- Now With More Flower Crown by pondkid Clear- Now With More Flower Crown :iconpondkid:pondkid 2 0 Clear! by pondkid Clear! :iconpondkid:pondkid 3 0
These are my newest deviations! But new doesn't mean best, so it's greatly appreciated if you check out the rest of my gallery. If you really like something, feel free to favorite or comment, and if you don't, please keep your opinions to yourself or even offer constructive criticism. If you want something like what you see here, ask about commissions, requests, point commishes, collabs, art trades, etc. Information is on my bio!


k by no0724FGARK k :iconno0724fgark:no0724FGARK 111 8 Ramona by no0724FGARK Ramona :iconno0724fgark:no0724FGARK 66 12 Lime Green inkling by Prospit-Lordling Lime Green inkling :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 1 0 Cute Spyke!!!!! by Prospit-Lordling Cute Spyke!!!!! :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 2 0 Spyke x Me = Meant to be by Prospit-Lordling Spyke x Me = Meant to be :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 3 1 Amethyst and Ruby and Sapphire by Brookemii Amethyst and Ruby and Sapphire :iconbrookemii:Brookemii 3 6 Pondkid by universe-jpg Pondkid :iconuniverse-jpg:universe-jpg 3 1 We Are the Crystal Gems by Ron-nie We Are the Crystal Gems :iconron-nie:Ron-nie 410 22 pearl by Magdaneela pearl :iconmagdaneela:Magdaneela 41 7 Garnet fusion by Zamiiz Garnet fusion :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,122 64 Sayaka by Zamiiz Sayaka :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 357 20 Lapis Lazuli Cosplay by Zamiiz Lapis Lazuli Cosplay :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,290 170 Ruby Main by Prospit-Lordling Ruby Main :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 2 4 Asuna by Prospit-Lordling Asuna :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 1 0 My Statement by Prospit-Lordling My Statement :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 2 2 Strange Same by Prospit-Lordling Strange Same :iconprospit-lordling:Prospit-Lordling 1 4
Not just anything goes into my favorites, and I do it because I like the art, not for pageviews.
But you should take a look, this stuff is QUALITY.


Waist Up Front View- Fully Colored Fanart
If you want my absolute best work, this is the place to go. Ask me about characters or check out my fandoms list on my bio. Waist up and no more, no less. Fully colored with my best lineart.
Full/Partial Body Fanart, Colored
A fully colored picture of any character, preferably Homestuck. Ask me about which fandoms I'm in to see available characters.
Uncolored Fanart Portrait
Basically like colored Fanart, but the lineart only.
Colored or Uncolored Portrait
Non Fanart. Colored or Uncolored. I can take requests or surprise you, ask me.
Feet Photography
A photo of my feet!
Everybody seems to like my feet. This has been opened as a gift to my watchers and the community at large for my 3000th pageview.
Of my commissions, this one has the most rules.
You cannot request that my face be in the picture. In fact, I would like for it to be of my feet only. I am not comfortable taking pictures where you can see much more of my body. On that note, nothing sexualized.
I don't mind if you want me to put on anklets, and I'm working on getting some barefoot sandals as well. It could also just be of my bare feet.
If you have a particular background or area you want me to stand in, let me know.
Cosplay Shots
Request a shot of a character who I have cosplayed and I'll see what I can do. This can take five minutes or five months so be patient.

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deviantart? i dont know her
(this page is literally just an account of my old art now)
insta: pondpajamas
tumblr: pond-pajamas (check my tumblr about page for other sideblogs)
fb and snapchat: pm me if you dont already kno


Hey just fyi i dont use this shit anymore so come find me on tumblr (pond-pajamas, i also have like 10 sideblogs so if you have specific interests check my tumblr about page) fb (yall kno my name) insta (pondpajamas) snapchat (pm me for it)
Holy shit i forgot i had a dA for a while there what do i even do w this
reading those older journals was a shit blow to my emotional status i deleted them please ask no further questions even though this journal is pretty much just a thinly veiled late-night shot at attention to pull together my life because i'm needy


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